Noise Reduction // Five Dock

Kevin and Susan live next to a busy road in Five Dock.

After suffering the continual noise and vibration that comes from traffic for many years they decided to upgrade their windows. Starting on the front we selected the units and glass that deliver the best sound proofing. Due to the installation process all vibration never even make it to the frames. Once we’d completed the front of the house, the clients were so pleased they wanted us to do the rest of the house.

We completed the project in 6 weeks from first consult, to custom designing and building the windows and doors to finally  fitting the windows in the last week of the project. Kevin and Susan were a pleasure to work with and have already referred their friends to us as a result of the project.

“Amazing double glazed windows and doors, such good solid quality, designed and installed by Lee, Anthony and the Thermaglaze team. We live on a very busy road and needed top soundproofing so Lee specially designed our windows to their highest acoustic performance. It all worked so well that we replaced our other windows and even our front entry door with Thermaglaze. The team worked great with our builder and we had lots of options on colour and finishes to choose from. Very happy with this soundproofing we invested in, plus this winter we are already noticing that we need to heat the house a lot less! We are 100% happy customers, many thanks Lee.”
Kevin and Susan Mongey // Five Dock, NSW.


  • Work
    Noise Reduction, Reduce Heat/Cooling Costs, Upgrade Colour and Style
  • Special Fittings/Features
    uPVC Bi-Fold Doors and Windows all round
  • Timeframe
    6 Weeks (from design to completion)